•  Portable Barge Service

  •  Sales on new and used dock and lifts

  • Dock And lift repair of all brands

  • Onsite Steel and Aluminum welding

  • Storm Damage Recovery

  •  Fast, reliable and On-Time Service

Tips On Choosing a Lift
  • Determine the dry weight of your watercraft. (Correct Weight is very important when choosing a Lift)

  •  Figure the Fuel Capacity and Multiply it by 8....

  •  Estimate the gear in the boat when being stored on the lift....

  • Calculate total weight by adding together the three numbers....

  •  next step is to measure the beam...

  • Now contact us with the gathered information and we will get you set up with the best lift that will meet your expectations.

 Tips On Choosing a Dock​
  •  Find out how long of a dock you would need to get to the depth of water you want. 

  • Keep in consideration your type of shore line and how much room you have for winter storage.

  •  What is the lake bottom like (Muddy, Sandy, Hard, Soft).

  • ​ ​Ask yourself what your dream dock is (Patio Size, Shape, Decking,).

  • Now get into contact with us and we will use or expertise to get you the best dock for your needs.

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